Tips for buying tickets to HUGE shows (like Jack White)!

Hey there Jack White fans!

As you all know by now, tickets go on sale this Friday at 1pm.  Tickets for this show will sell out FAST! Keep in mind that unfortunately, not everyone who wants tickets for this show will get them – demand will exceed supply. Once the fan club pre-sale is accounted for, the venue has less than 1000 tickets to sell. There are probably 5 times that many people in the Asheville area alone who want to buy tickets.

The good news is, you have several options for ticket purchasing. Tickets will be on sale at The Orange Peel Box Office at 1pm (people will line up early, so be prepared to wait in line), over the phone (1-800-514-3849), and online (see ticket link below). If you choose to come to the box office, our advice is to arrive the earliest you can. The people who wait the longest will be the ones most assured of getting tickets, so bring a camp chair and get comfy!

If you are planning to purchase tickets online, we’d like to share a couple tips for success. 

First, go directly to the Etix website to purchase the tickets at 1pm – do not go through The Orange Peel site as this is just an extra step that will slow you down.  Here is the link for the Etix listing: bookmark this page! Secondly, we do not recommend using a smart phone to purchase tickets. Our website is not (yet) mobile optimized, so we highly recommend using an actual computer for online purchasing, not a cell phone browser. If you only have a phone, your best bet is to call Etix at 1-800-514-3849.

Once you go to the ticket link, clear your computer’s browsing history. See the bottom of this post for directions on how to do this on various browsers. Doing this should reset the page so it will be ready for your purchase at 1pm.  If this listing still reads “OFF SALE ONLINE” at 1pm, quickly clear your history again.

Finally, be sure that you enter your credit card billing information accurately in order to avoid an error in processing your order. Online shopping carts will probably fill up with most of the tickets online VERY quickly, within 1-2 minutes – so good luck!

How to clear your browsing history:

Internet Explorer 8 and above

1.      From the Safety menu in the upper right, click Delete Browsing History... .

2.      Deselect Preserve Favorites website data, and select Temporary Internet filesCookies, and History.

3.      Click Delete.

Internet Explorer 7

1.      From the Tools menu in the upper right, select Internet Options.

2.      Under “Browsing history”, click Delete... .

3.      To delete your cache, click Delete files... .

To delete your cookies, click Delete cookies... .

To delete your history, click Delete history... .

4.      Click Close, and then click OK to exit.

Firefox 3.5 and above for Windows

1.      From the Tools menu, select Clear Recent History... .

2.      From the Time range to clear: drop-down menu, select the desired range; to clear your entire cache, select Everything.

3.      Click the down arrow next to “Details” to choose what history elements to clear (e.g., check Cookies to clear cookies). Click Clear Now.

Firefox 3 for Windows

1.      From the Tools menu, select Clear Recent History... , and then select the items you want to delete (e.g., Browsing & Download HistoryCacheCookies).

2.      Click Clear Recent History... .


1.      In the browser bar, enter:  chrome://settings/clearBrowserData

2.      Select the items you want to clear (e.g., Clear browsing historyClear download historyEmpty the cacheDelete cookies and other site and plug-in data).

You can choose the period of time for which you want to clear cached information from the Obliterate the following items from: drop-down menu. To clear your entire cache, select the beginning of time.

3.      Click Clear browsing data.


1.      From the Safari menu, select Reset Safari... .

2.      From the menu, select the items you want to reset, and then click Reset. As of Safari 5.1, Remove all website data covers both cookies and cache.

Firefox 3.5 and above for Mac OS X

1.      From the Tools menu, select Clear Recent History.

2.      From the Time range to clear: drop-down menu, select the desired range; to clear your entire cache, select Everything.

3.      Click the down arrow next to “Details” to choose which elements to clear. Click Clear Now.

Firefox 3 for Mac OS X

1.      In Firefox, from the Tools menu, select Clear Recent History.

Select the elements you want to clear (e.g., Browsing & Download HistoryCacheCookies), and then click Clear Private Data Now.