Krewe Picks

Welcome to the Krewe Picks! Every month or two, we will select one member of our esteemed staff (aka The Krewe) to give you an insider perspective about a few interesting shows coming up. We hope you enjoy their recommendations (The Krewe have varied and impressive musical tastes…we’ve seen lotsa shows!)

Krewe Picks

September/October from Robb MC

Robb is the Social Media Administrator for The Orange Peel and also works in the box office selling tickets and helping fans.
He moved to Asheville to attend UNCA and stuck around to keep enjoying all of the live music, craft beer, and fun times in our wonderful city of Asheville, NC. Make sure you follow The Orange Peel on Facebook, Twitter, Spotify  & Instagram and he will keep you informed about upcoming shows and new music. Follow him on Twitter: HERE

“You can’t see them all”: Stories of concert second chances…


Sunday, September 28th


Last year Asheville hosted the reboot of Moogfest. It featured a stunning lineup of popular electronic acts and underground sensations. It was an enlightening 5 days of innovative music, lectures, art installations, and other activities that showcased modern musical and technological advancements. I had been exploring the artists playing the festival and really liked the alternative electronic sounds of  female DJ/producer Tokimonsta and was super stoked to check out her set. Sadly just like any festival you can’t see it all. After a long Friday that included working the Moog Film Festival, seeing a mind blowing set by Mix Master Mike on the outdoor stage, and trekking all over downtown it was time for a break. We caught our breath down in the PULP lounge at The Orange Peel before checking out some of Daedelus’ set on the main floor. The other hard part about music festivals is keeping up with your gaggle of concert buddies, all of whom want to see different shows at the same time. Sadly I missed Tokimonsta’s set and was wrangled into seeing the hip hop spectacle that is Riff Raff. It was a show I won’t forget anytime soon, featuring 6 foot cut outs of Katy Perry’s head and other shenanigans. Luckily The Orange Peel is bringing Tokimonsta back to Asheville on Sept. 27th so I get a second chance at seeing her later this month!

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The Devil Makes Three

Saturday, October 11th

It was a sunny day in the Summer of 2013 when a buddy and I got in the van and drove out to Pisgah Brewing for a show with Yonder Mountain String Band. YMSB has been a highlight of my Asheville live music experience, helping me get into both the bluegrass and jam music that is so prevalent in our area. Now as an employee of a music venue for 4+ years, one would think I have experience in such matters that pertain to attending concerts. Well that day I made a common mistake. I know that at any popular show you need to show up when the doors open, or after the opener to avoid the line. Well, what happens when 2000 hippies all show up at once and try to get into a show, the answer is one big patchouli scented clusterf$%*. We had planned on checking out the opener The Devil Makes Three as we’d heard very good things. What we thought would be a 10 minute will call wait quickly turned into an hour standing around in the blistering sun. That sweaty and miserable wait was only made worse by being able to half-hear Devil Makes Three doing their set for a near empty field. By the time we got in the gate they had just left the stage and we needed several beers to get our spirits back up for the YMSB show. As luck would have it Devil Makes Three returns to WNC on October 11th for their first headlining gig at The Orange Peel. Out of the sun, and under the big ass fan, I’m ready for another chance to see this talented band!

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The Bug

Thursday, October 30th

Mountain Oasis was the revamped replacement for Moogfest in 2013. This festival had hands down one of the most impressive lineups ever seen at an Asheville based festival. Nine Inch Nails, Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Gary Numan and more! There was something from every sub genre of electronic music. One of the smaller acts I was excited for was UK based producer The Bug. He mixes british Drum and Bass with more retro dancehall sounds for a nice alternative to the dubstep craze that had taken over the dance music scene in the past few years. Well as it turns out ALL of my other favorite acts were playing in the US Cellular Center and there was no way I would make it down to The Orange Peel to see The Bug and back without missing part of my favorite headliner, Nine Inch Nails.

Now it is 2014 and for the first time in 4 years Asheville is without an electronic music festival on the Halloween weekend. But the AVL party people need not fear, AC Entertainment is bringing a special billing of 3 awesome bands to the local arena: Beats Antique, Shpongle, & Emancipator Ensemble! To keep the party going The Orange Peel is hosting a late night after party featuring The Bug! So once again I will get to see a band I missed, this time on my home turf and as part of a fun week of electronic music in AVL!

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