Krewe Picks

Welcome to the Krewe Picks! Every month or two, we will select one member of our esteemed staff (aka The Krewe) to give you an insider perspective about a few interesting shows coming up. We hope you enjoy their recommendations (The Krewe have varied and impressive musical tastes…we’ve seen lotsa shows!)

Krewe Picks

April/May from SAM P.


Sam P. is the Orange Peel’s (newly promoted) lighting director, so he is here for just about every show. And that means he knows his stuff, musically.  If he recommends a show, it means they stand out from allllll the rest. Here are his recommendations for you for the next few months – come catch one of these great show before tickets are gone!

Against Me!

Sunday, April 6th


If you missed this show a couple years ago then I suggest you make it out April 2nd for Against Me!‘s return to the Orange Peel. Currently the band is out supporting their new album Transgender Dysphoria Blues and this time around things couldn’t be getting more real. This is the first album Against Me! has recorded and supported with Laura Jane Grace presenting as her true self.  But don’t let that scare you away (not that it should). You can expect Laura Jane to throw down the hits and the crowd to start raging during Thrash Unreal, The Ocean, and I Was a Teenage Anarchist. We can also expect an arsenal of new songs such as Black Me Out, Two Coffins, and Dead Friend. One of these being a solo acoustic track, so I can only imagine that if they play this during the show the audience will be getting a one on one with the Against Me! front woman herself. Who doesn’t love a little punk rock intimacy?

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Tuesday, May 6th


If your tattoo artist is excited for Graveyard on May 6th than you know you have a good show on your hands. And mine is super excited for this one. If you’re intrigued and wondering who the frack is Graveyard, well…you need to know this band. They are a 4 piece hard rock band from Sweden and if you’re a fan of Clutch or Lucero this is a band I think you’ll really dig. With guitar solos that take you back to Zeppelin, a heavy rhythm guitar that will keep you in a head banging trance and a lead singer with a true rock vocal style, you shouldn’t miss this show. I can’t fit into words how much these guys rock because it’s just too much rock for one paragraph. But take my advice and check ‘em out, Tuesday May 6th.

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Tegan & Sara

Tuesday, May 20th

This show just makes you feel good. It’s intimate, it’s groovin’, it’s Tegan and Sara. The Canadian twin sisters and alt-pop duo are out supporting their 2013 hit album Heartthrob. Don’t let the album title confuse you, though: this album is all about synthesizers and dancing which is a new approach given their past less electro, more indie rock albums. On May 20th be prepared for a roller coaster of emotions as the crowd will be crying their hearts out one minute while Tegan belts Soil Soil,  but then dancing their arses off to the synth pop hits, like their big (and ubiquitous) single Closer, as well as the track Goodbye Goodbye off of Heartthrob. Warning: the head bob is the most movin’ and groovin’ I do at a TNS show. But look around and who knows, maybe you’ll see me at FOH getting down.
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