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Marley Carroll

Wednesday, October 26
Show: 8pm | Doors: 7pm
$10 - $12
All Ages - under 12 requires venue approval

Marley Carroll’s unassuming origins as a classically-trained drummer were
shattered after he took top honors at a statewide DJ battle at the prodigious age of
17. The experience catapulted him into the spotlight and catalyzed his path as an
artist. In the years since, he has evolved into a dynamic electronic music producer,
world-class turntablist and captivating live performer with three full-length albums,
multiple singles and remixes, and countless DJ sets in his cache in addition to
acclaimed appearances at iconic electronic music festivals like Coachella, Decibel
and Moogfest.

With his 2018 album, Flight Patterns, Carroll crafted a potent blend of highly-
detailed atmospheric dance music infused with samples and textures from the

natural world, evoking favorable comparisons to downtempo luminaries Four Tet
and Boards of Canada. Bird songs, field recordings, gongs, deep basses, wooden
percussion and plaintive analog synths provide the substrate for expansive
instrumental songs with the kind of three-dimensional depth that invites
immersive, intentional listening.
This year, he returns with Voices, a four-track EP inspired by the heartache of
missing the rave during lockdown. Like the best underground music of this era,
Voices combines the drum-heavy intensity of the dance floor with the nostalgia of
late-night afters. The emotional resonance of Voices lingers long after a first listen
and it seems destined to become both a DJ staple and essential listening for fans
of underground dance music like DJ Seinfeld, Fred Again and Caribou. Voices has
captured the attention of leading outlets like BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6, Radio
Ibiza, KCRW and KEXP and provides a brilliant anticipatory window into what’s
next for Carroll’s sound and evolution.