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Pulp & Slice Of Life presents

The Blackout Diaries

Wednesday, December 28
Show: 8pm | Doors: 7:30pm
Ages 21+
During this year’s holiday break, forget all the craziness and bring the whole (drinking age) family & friends out to hear tales of triumph (but mostly hilarious tragedy) while drinking heavily. Starting its roots in Chicago, and hosted by the hilarius Alex Joyce, The Blackout Diaries is an interactive comedy show were standup comedians, plus ‘regular’ people (cops, firefighters, teachers, etc) tell true drinking stories with photos from the events. Then you, the audience, can ask questions.
The Blackout Diaries has been selected as ‘Critics’ Choice in The Chicago Reader, Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times and more. Segments from the show have appeared on Comedy Central, NPR, Sirius Radio and more. A review once described the show as “a reverse AA meeting”. We still don’t know if that was a positive review or not, but we feel it sums the show up well.
Alex Joyce has been performing stand up comedy for 12 years.  After graduating from The University of Alabama he moved to Chicago where he studied at the Second City Training Center for Sketch Writing.  He is co producer and performer in The Blackout Diaries, a weekly show at The Lincoln Lodge Theater where comedians tell wild drinking stories and the audience gets to ask questions.  Joyce returns to Asheville regularly to visit family and perform.  Joyce lives in Chicago.