I want to join! How do I do it?
Click here to fill out the application.

I want to join but I’m only 15. What do I do?
Generally, the membership benefits are only available to those 16+. When capacity allows for monthly slots, exceptions may be made at the discretion of Orange Peel management. Call the Peel to ask about this possibility: (828) 398-1837

I’ve joined and I have a few shows I know I want to come in for early. What do I do?
Look for the weekly email you will receive from the Orange Peel with descriptions of upcoming shows and door times to make sure you’re here on time and know any specific details for the week. We ask that you reply with an RSVP for yourself or yourself and a guest if you’re planning to join us early for any shows during your membership period. You can send emails separately for each show whenever you decide to buy tickets and come early; just do your best to get back to us before the day of show, if possible. Send your RSVP to loyalty@theorangepeel.net and include your name as listed on your membership account, and whether you are bringing a guest or not. If you can’t email, call us at (828) 398-1837.  Make sure to tell us whether you want a seat for yourself, and whether you’d like to buy a seat for your guest.

I joined the club this month, now I’ve decided to come to tonight’s show last minute. I haven’t bought tickets yet – what should I do?
You can still buy tickets at the door, or if you prefer to enter early but don’t have tickets yet, call us or email us in advance as soon as you know you’re coming and we’ll try to have tickets for you to purchase at the PULP doors. You can pay for them with cash or credit card there at the Pulp doors – we’ll do our best to take care of so that you can still get in early to PULP to be first in the club. If you didn’t have time to RSVP, don’t worry – we can still accommodate you, just get here 30 minutes before doors open and come to the PULP doors.

I joined for this month and bought tickets through one of the special member pre-sales for a show coming a few months from now.  Can I use my membership to get into that show early, even though it takes place in another month?
No, your membership benefits are only valid from the 1st of the month you’ve joined til the last day of that month.  If you want to come into PULP early for first entry into a show you’ve bought pre-sale tickets for, just make sure you buy a separate membership for that month, as well.

What do I need to bring to get in early?
As we’ve said, we’d love it if you would RSVP that you’re coming (with a guest, if that’s the case) to loyalty@theorangepeel.net .  Then, just come down the PULP door 30 minutes before the doors open and bring your ID.  Let us know if you need a seat in advance, if possible, so we make sure we have one for you if seats are still available.

I joined for 3 months at a time and never got my membership Schwag Bag or my Orange Peel bucks! Are you mailing them to me?
We mail the Orange Peel bucks and give you the schwag bag in person. Come find a manager the next time you’re at a show and we’ll make sure we get you the bag and figure out what happened to your OP bucks.

I decided last minute I want a seat and I didn’t RSVP for one – what do I do?
We will still do our best to find a seat for you, don’t worry.  Just let the door person at the PULP door who checks you in know you’ve decided you want one so he/she can give you the proper colored wristband.

I didn’t get a seat for my guest but now I want one – can they get a free seat, too?
No, the free seats are only for members.  If we have enough left, you can always buy one for your +1.  Just ask the door person when you come into PULP.  If you don’t come in early at PULP, just ask at the box office and the attendant can sell your guest a seat with yours, if there are still seats available.

It’s the almost the end of the month and I haven’t come to any shows early – can I transfer my membership to next month?
Unfortunately, no, we can’t transfer memberships – they expire at the end of the month you joined for, so try to take advantage of all the perks you can during the membership period!

I decided I wanted to let my friend and his girlfriend come to a show using my tickets – can I give them my membership cards and get them in first through PULP, as well?
We can almost always help you transfer your tickets to a show (with some exceptions) but we can’t transfer any of the Big Ass Fan Club loyalty perks, unfortunately.  You personally must be present to enter PULP early – you can’t pass that part along to your friend and his guest.

What pre-sales will I have access to?
Answer: You will be able to buy tickets to shows that are going on sale only during the month of membership. Presales will usually take place on Fridays, and you’ll get weekly emails during the month you sign up for that explain how to participate in pre-sales and provide you with the pertinent times and ticket-buy links. Remember, all perks are only for the month or months for which you join – so if you join for October, attend some October shows, and participate in a pre-sale that takes place in October for a show that’s going to happen in January, your perks do not extend into January unless you join for that month, too.


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