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COVID Policy / FAQs

Socially Distanced Shows Protocol


  • All staff will be wearing masks and must pass Covid screening and temperature checks before each shift.
  • Our “Mountain Cooling” air filtration system will be operating during every show. Fresh, new air will be circulating continuously throughout the building during each show.
  • High touch surfaces will be cleaned frequently throughout the show with FDA approved cleaning agents. The venue will be deep cleaned before and after concerts.
  • All “pods” will be spaced 6’ apart to maintain social distancing requirements.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the venue for easy access.


  • Masks are MANDATORY and must be worn at all times except while eating and drinking. Our staff will never approach you without a mask on and we expect the same in return.
  • Tickets must be purchased as a pod. You can have up to 6 people in your pod.
  • Please arrive with your complete pod. There is one ticket per pod. Your pod ticket will be digital and scanned from your smartphone.
  • Please be respectful and conscious of social distancing. It’s a team effort and we appreciate your compliance and understanding. Unless you are waiting at the bar or using the restrooms, remain seated in your pod.
  • Follow all directional signs between pods and at the bar and maintain 6’ social distancing when waiting in lines at the bar or for the restrooms.
  • Touchless payment! Please pay with a credit card at the bar to limit contact between yourself and our staff.
  • Clean up after yourself. Trash and recycling will be placed throughout the venue for your convenience and to help protect our staff.

Socially Distanced Shows FAQs

Q: Can I buy tickets at your box office?

For now, our box office will not be open during the day.  The box office will open 2 hours before each show.

Q: I have less than 6 people in my group. Do I have to buy all 6 seats in my chair “pod”?

Yes. Our pods have been carefully laid out to maximize the number of tickets we can legally sell to each show, and to make it possible for us to sell enough to bring in full live bands. Because of this, pods must be purchased in their entirety; per state law, we cannot allow unaffiliated groups to sit within 6′ of each other, so we have to make sure that each pod goes to a group who buys them together and knows each other/is comfortable sitting in close proximity. Even if you cannot fill all 6 seats of a pod, you are welcome to purchase it for a smaller party, and you will just have some empty seats around you.

Q: Why aren’t there more smaller seating sections available? I thought the state said indoor venues could open at 30% percent of former full capacity.

Because of NC state mandate requiring all guests to be fully seated, and all seating pods to be 6′ apart on all sides from any other seating pod, the only way to maximize our capacity was to create larger seating pods. It was logistically and financially not feasible to reopen and be able to afford a staff, COVID safety measures, nor pay our bands with smaller pod groups as that cuts down the number of tickets we can sell drastically. Although we are able to legally go up to 250 tickets sold or 30% capacity, whatever is less, we cannot meet the 6′ spacing and full seating requirement without setting up the chair arrangement carefully as you can see on our Reduced Capacity Seating Chart.

Q: I can’t or won’t wear a mask; can I still come in?

No. Because we want to provide a safe environment for our bands, guests and staff members, we do not allow unmasked patrons to enter.

Q: Does my whole group have to arrive together if we bought a chair pod together?

Because we are selling seating groups in pods, it is helpful if the groups arrive together and will make our new entrance procedures faster and smoother for all audience members. However, if you can’t arrive together, no worries. We will make sure your other pod members find you when they arrive when it is necessary for you to get to the venue at different times.

Q: Where can I smoke?

For some of our reopening shows, the smoking deck will be open at a limited capacity. For others, it will need to be closed due to staffing and safety measures that opening it requires. We will allow smokers to go out to the front sidewalk and re-enter after they take a smoke break.

Q: Is PULP going to be open?

This will vary on a show-by-show basis as our reopening show series advances. In the beginning, PULP will not be open but our bar upstairs will be available for beer and wine purchase.

Q: Can I take my mask off once I am sitting in my pod group?

Once you are seated in your group section, we allow guests to remove their masks so that they are able to drink the beverages they purchase. We ask that you always replace your mask when you get up from your section, and when waiting in lines at the bar, the bathrooms, or the exit or entrance doors.

Q: I have other friends attending the same show who bought a pod, as well. Can we move our seats around to be near each other?

No. Per state laws, the chair spacing must be precisely as you find it arranged. Groups who would like to sit together may buy a seating section of up to 6 chairs to sit in a group. If you already bought a 6 person chair group and have extra seats, feel free to find friends to join you within that seating group. Once you arrive, groups will not be allowed to combine or to move physical chair placements.

Q: Do I have to stay seated while at the show I’m attending, or can I get up and dance?

As much as we cannot wait to get back to pre-Covid live music shows where there is standing room to move and dance and hug friends freely, we are still obligated by state law and by public health concerns to keep our guests and our staff safe, while slowly reopening the Orange Peel. To do that safely, we must ask all audience members to help us be compliant by staying seated, not mingling with other groups, and refraining from standing to dance until viral rates statewide fall enough that our health mandates are loosened.

COVID-19 Refund Policy

Beginning May 1, 2020, the refund policy for shows rescheduled due to the coronavirus pandemic is as follows.

For shows that have already been rescheduled with a new date announced will have a refund request window ending on May 30. After May 30, tickets will be non-refundable for shows that have already been announced with a new date.

For shows that are currently postponed with no new date announced will have a 30 day refund request window beginning the day the new show is announced. For example, if we announce a new date for a show on May 15, the refund request deadline will be June 15. All current ticket holders be notified by email and the deadline will be posted on the event listing when a new date is announced for a postponed show.

Please email if you have any questions. Please do not call The Orange Peel.

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