What is PULP?

PULP is a private club for music lovers, located under the Orange Peel. Full liquor bar, comfy seating, and many membership perks for adults 21 and up. PULP members can take a break from the action upstairs & watch shows from a live feed flatscreen TV while enjoying tasty libations from the full bar.

PULP holds under 100 patrons, so it’s a great place for private parties, pre-show gathering, rehearsal dinners, and more.

Membership has additional perks including special entry options for shows, 2-for-1 deals, and even free show tickets when you subscribe.

Contact Us: To find out more, email PULP at info@pulpasheville.com and we will respond promptly

How Do I Join?: You can join in person when attending a show! Just head down the stairs from the main club floor – look for the membership desk in the hallway just down the staircase and they will get you started! It’s $2 per year, you must be 21 or over and have a valid ID. Or if there’s no show upstairs but we’re open in PULP for a local band or comedy night etc. you can come in at the Hilliard entrance and join then. There could be a cover charge additional to your membership fee in that case, but the membership is always $2. If you have tickets already for a particular Orange Peel concert and would like to visit PULP while here, just plan to buy your Pulp membership in person and it’s effective immediately that night, so you can use the room then. Once you’re a member, you can visit PULP whenever you’re here for a show (and it’s open – which it almost always is.)

How PULP Works: Pulp is open during all show nights for members with show tickets, only. Pulp is also occasionally open on nights that the main stage is dark, when we feature trivia nights, small acoustic shows and local bands in Pulp’s intimate lounge space. To enter PULP, membership is required and you must be 21 or up.

Where is PULP? Pulp is located under the Orange Peel, accessible from the main room via an indoor staircase, or from the outside. The address is 103 Hilliard Avenue.

See more photos of PULP on our Flickr.